CBD Gummies & Other Tricks to Relax on Thanksgiving

Rely on Smart Techniques, like CBD Edibles, to Stay Cool on Turkey Day

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Whether you are in Southern California or visiting relatives, Thanksgiving can certainly be stressful. The food has to be cooked just right. The kids have to stay entertained, and you are forced to make small talk for hours at a time. The problem is we are not always dealing with shiny happy people, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Food gets overcooked, children get bored, and elders voice their disapproval over everything from their offspring’s relationships to career choices. It can be enough to make a person scream. Fortunately, men and women can take advantage of a few smart tricks, including CBD Gummies and planning ahead, to completely relax on Thanksgiving Day.

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You must have heard all about popular CBD products by now. Maybe that’s because the powerful treats can actually help a person manage his or her stress. You can feel calm and cool, making it easy to sit back and put your feet up. There are also plenty of gummies to choose from, including various shapes, sizes and colors. There are even colorful vegan CBD Gummies and sugar free CBD edibles on the market. You don’t have to fear “getting high,” as the best CBD edibles for sale are made from hemp, as opposed to THC-heavy marijuana. For friends and family who don’t want to show up anywhere empty handed, the top CBD gummies also make perfect gifts for adults. They work as party favors too.

Another tip for keeping everybody happy on Turkey Day is to plan ahead. As soon as Halloween is over, start figuring out your Thanksgiving feast. Pick up the phone or send some emails to decide how many people will show up. Sending text messages simply feels too impersonal. If you are serving, be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to go grocery shopping. Otherwise, you could get stuck without an important dish, like a vegetarian platter or a vegan dessert for your mother-in-law.

It is smart to delegate some tasks to your guests. Tina can set the table and Floyd will serve the appetizers. It also helps to decide ahead of time who will be cooking each dish and the order that everything will be served. You may have to draw straws to see who gets stuck with cleanup duty.

Other important decisions include sitting at the dining room table or relying on a buffet. While being seating at the table is more elegant, the latter option is certainly easier to put together, as well as break down. Your dinner guests will have to serve themselves, taking plenty of weight off your shoulders. It’s not your responsibility to get the baby a few more napkins or refill your sister’s glass of water.

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A final tip before you dig into your big Thanksgiving meal. Let the bird sit for a good 20 minutes or so after it is cooked. That’s how you get it at an ideal temperature to properly distribute the tasty juices. Combine that with some delicious CBD products to make the ultimate Thanksgiving feast.

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By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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